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REF# s14-3-5/KevenW1.JPG
by Keven (age 5, boy)
"My house at the beach"

REF# s14-3-4/JuniaP1.PICT
by Junia (age 8, girl)
Perth, Australia
"age 8"

REF# s14-3-3/SusanT2.JPG
by Susan (age 8, girl)
China, China

REF# s14-3-2/AdenP1.JPG
by Aden (age 7, boy)
Buenos Aires, Argentina
"Sunday drive"

REF# s14-3-1/RahilR4.JPG
by Rahil (age 6, boy)
Gujarat, India
"Natural scene"

REF# s14-2-5/micheleC1.JPG
by michele (age 12, girl)
pa, USA
"beautiful mountains!!!!!"

REF# s14-2-4/MunemaZ1.JPG
by Munema (age 9, girl)
Punjab, Pakistan
"This is a scene of the outside from a window"

REF# s14-2-3/punnapornC2.JPG
by punnaporn (age 4, girl)
bangkok, Thailand

REF# s14-2-2/MariamK2.JPG
by Mariam (age 4, girl)
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
"the apple tree (made with the fingerprints)"

REF# s14-2-1/AulyA1.JPG
by Auly (age 9, girl)
Surabaya-Jawa Timur, Indonesia
"global warming"

REF# s14-1-5/ShrinidhiS1.JPG
by Shrinidhi (age 8, girl)
TamilNadu, India
"This is a picture with mountains, sun, rain, trees and huts"

REF# s14-1-4/JamieB1.JPG
by Jamie (age 9, girl)
Maine, USA
"Night time at the woods"

REF# s14-1-3/naishaI1.JPG
by naisha (age 4, girl)
minnesota, USA

REF# s14-1-2/PankhuriV1.JPG
by Pankhuri (age 6, girl)

REF# s14-1-1/NataliaF4.JPG
by Natalia (age 4, girl)