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Bear's Pick
REF# a18-3-5/EthanC5.JPG
by (age 10, boy)
"Lilly Frog"

REF# a18-2-3/AngelinaA1.JPG
by Angelina (age 6, girl)
"Ladybird Angelina"

REF# a17-1-1/JordanE2.JPG
by Jordan (age 11, boy)

REF# a16-1-3/EllieP1.GIF
by Ellie (age 8, girl)
Maryland, USA
"Sun Lion"

REF# a08_2-5/Erica.JPG
by Erica (age 8, girl)
New Brunswick Canada
"The Beautiful Snake"

REF# a20-2-1/JoshO1.JPG
by Josh (age 10, boy)
Ohio, USA
"snow tiger"

REF# a20-1-5/EmilyR1.JPG
by Emily (age 8, girl)
Western Cape, South Africa
"On my holiday I got to feed a Springbok from my hand!"

REF# a20-1-4/SadyeR1.JPG
by Sadye (age 6, girl)
Michigan, USA
"My dog Oreo who is super soft and furry."

REF# a20-1-3/AlexC1.JPG
by Alex (age 7, boy)

REF# a20-1-2/youW1.JPG
by You (age 7, boy)
, China
"animal house"

REF# a20-1-1/SusanT1.GIF
by Susan (age 8, girl)
China, China