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Bear's Pick
REF# s13-1-4/AbbyC1.JPG
by Abby (age 8, girl)

REF# s13-1-1/AnushkaM1.JPG
by Anushka (age 6, girl)
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

REF# s12_1-1/ShellemyJ1.JPG
by Shellemy (age 7, girl)
Hong Kong, Hong_Kong

REF# _s19-2/AnnaS1.JPG
by Anna (age 11, girl)
"I love Hong Kong"

by Yuji (age 7, boy)
Okayama Japan
"I'm interested in the castles all over the world. This is the Japanese castle I imagine."

by AISHAT (age 11, girl)
BAUCHI, Nigeria
"Bauchi Garden"

REF# s15-1-3/TynicaP1.JPG
by Tynica (age 8, girl)
Western Cape, South Africa
"Our trip to Plettenberg Bay!"

REF# s15-1-2/KaiginB1.JPG
by Kaigin (age 8, boy)
Western Cape, South Africa
"Kyle couldn't wait for his birthday to start!"

REF# s15-1-1/MariamK5.JPG
by Mariam (age 5, girl)
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
"My garden"