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Bear's Pick
REF# f12-2-4/MandiP3.JPG
by Mandi Original size
Florida, USA
"The Color of Life"

REF# f08-2-3/ToniZ5.JPG
by Toni (age 11, girl)
BC, Canada
"Flower Fairy"

REF# f07-2-3/KaayaF3.JPG
by Kaaya (age 10, girl)
Fukuoka, Japan
"Carp streamers"

REF# f03-1-5/Jonathan.JPG
by Jonathan (age 4, boy)
Lauf, Germany
"A Walking Pear"

REF# f01-1-1/Tara.GIF
by Tara (age 12)
Virginia, USA
"I love ballet and art"

REF# f-14-1-3/RosalieR1.JPG
by Rosalie (age 8, girl)
BC, Canada
"The Lost Fairy"

REF# f14-1-2/lilyH1.JPG
by lily (age 3, girl)
essex, England

REF# f14-1-1/jillianS2.JPG
by jillian (age 8, girl)
Georgia, USA
"fairy girl."