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Bear's Pick
REF# ab05-3-1/VaryaM2.JPG
by Varya (age 7, girl)
Moscow, Russia

REF# ab03-2-3/EmilieR.JPG
by Emilie (age 3, girl)

REF# ab02_1-4/Kyle.JPG
Kyle (age 6, boy)
"This picture is of some squirmy colors"

REF# ab_01-1-4/Erin.GIF
by Erin (age 8, girl)
"It represents peace."

REF# ab01_1-1/Laura.GIF
by Laura (age 2, girl)
Harrow, England
"Untitled painting"
REF# ab06-2-2/BorisT1.JPG
by Boris (age 7, boy)
Serbia, Serbia
"Metal abstract"

REF# ab06-2-1/MarinaV1.JPG
by Marina (age 6, girl)
New York, USA
"Happy Valentine's Day to Ms. Streichler"

REF# ab06-1-5/MaryB1.JPG
by Mary (age 9, girl)
Ohio, USA
"ABstract paint"

REF# ab06-1-4/alexisL1.JPG
by alexis (age4, girl)
colorado, USA

REF# ab06-1-3/OliviaH1.JPG
by Olivia
Liaoning, China

REF# ab06-1-2/WawaX.GIF
by Wawa (age 7, girl)
BC, Canada
"My colorful picture"

REF# ab06-1-2/sofiaV4.JPG
by sofia (age 4, girl)
varese, Italy
"snake fingerpaint on carved out polistirol"