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REF# f-13-3-5/JillianS1.JPG
by Jillian (age 8, girl)
Georgia, USA
"mermaid girls"

REF# f-13-3-4/BeniceC1.JPG
by Benice (age 6, girl)
Texas, USA
"What a wonderful sunny day "

REF# f-13-3-3/DornaD2.GIF
by Dorna (age 5, girl)
, China
"Prince and Princess"

REF# f-13-3-2/emilioD1.JPG
by emilio (age 6, boy)
, France

REF# f-13-3-1/HopeK1.JPG
by Hope (age 8, girl)
berkshire, UK
"its about a mermaid and her fish friends"

REF# f-13-2-5/JohnP2.JPG
by John (age 10, boy)
Florida, USA
"Mario & Luigi VS Bowser"

REF# f-13-2-4/JohnP1.JPG
by John (age 10, boy)
Florida, USA
"SuperJohn The Boat To Sand Land"

REF# f-13-2-3/SakuraY1.JPG
by Sakura (age 5, girl)
Kanagawa, Japan
"A girl and heart fairy"

REF# f13-2-2/FiaF1.GIF
by Fia (age 7, girl)
Banten, Indonesia
"fairies world"

REF# f13-2-1/rahulH1.JPG
by rahul (age 9, boy)
Sindh, Pakistan
"happy elf"

REF# f13-1-5/NataliaF3.JPG
by Natalia (age 4, girl)
"The Mermaid"

REF# f13-1-4/alexandriaC1.JPG
by alexandria (age 8, girl)
bahamas, Bahamas

REF# f13-1-3/TriLongL1.JPG
by Tri Long (age 7, boy)
Hanoi, Vietnam
"demon the bird in darkness"

REF# f13-1-2/AmandaP3.JPG
by Amanda
Florida, USA

REF# f13-1-1/ReemA1.JPG
by Reem (age 8, girl)
dammam, Saudi Arabia
"Loco Roco my favorite game ^______^"