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3 Feb 1999 - 23 Aug 2007
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Introducing our supporter...

NTT- EAST Corporation is one of the subsidiary companies of NTT (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation), Japan's largest global telecommunications company. NTT-EAST serves the everyday telephone communication needs of people in eastern Japan and is expanding its service worldwide.
Telecommunication companies like NTT- EAST help us to communicate in many ways. When we call, send Email, browse the web, create a homepage...
NTT-EAST is a company that links us together. They also provide their help to many volunteer groups.

NTT-EAST encourages kids' communication through their support of Kids' Space. With their help, Kids' Space has launched mirror sites for kids in Asia, Australia, Eastern Europe, and Africa. This makes us closer than ever!

At NTT group, you will find many fun and educational activities.

"Konet Plan" is one of the largest educational projects in NTT EAST. "Konet" stands for "Kodomo (= Children) Network". This project provides computers and Internet access to one thousand schools in Japan. Konet helps kids to learn about computers and the Internet through multimedia technology.

Many Japanese kids are now browsing the Internet with the help of Konet.

The Konet Plan homepage is Konet World. Here, you will find a lot of cool pages like: "Global Environment Project" and "International Exchange Between Schools".

Talking to each other, making new friends, exchanging our thoughts wherever we are, at home, in school, in the US, or overseas is what makes the Internet such a great place for kids.

Our supporter NTT-EAST is a company that connects us and that helps Kids' Space provide a place where kids can communicate, make friends, and create a peaceful net community.