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REF# ab05-3-5/AnaM1.GIF
by Ana (age 3, girl)
Serbia, Yugoslavia
"This bridge have to conect all kids in the world"

REF# ab05-3-4/AyumuK1.GIF
by Ayumu (age 4, boy)
Tokyo, Japan
"I draw an image of sunset."

REF# ab05-3-3/PiuminiA1.GIF
by Piumini (age 5, girl)
sri lanka, Sri_Lanka
"a design"

REF# ab05-3-2/GokulK1.GIF
by Gokul (age 4, boy)
Kerala, India

REF# ab05-3-1/VaryaM2.JPG
by Varya (age 7, girl)
Moscow, Russia

REF# ab05-2-5/AMIK1.JPG
by AMI (age 8, girl)
Aichi, Japan

REF# ab05-2-4/suzukaH2.JPG
by Suzuka (age 5, girl)
Osaka, Japan
"The pumpkin"

REF# ab05-2-3/JesseE.JPG
by Jesse (age 13, girl)
Kansas, USA
"Come with me, for I will teach you to fly. ;) "

REF# ab05-2-2/MalaMuchachaK2.GIF
by Mala
Pennsylvania, USA
"Summer of 2002"

REF# ab05-2-1/AlejandroR1.GIF
by Alejandro (age 10, boy)
Tennesse, USA
"Robot MR2000"

REF# ab05-1-5/AtsuhiroT1.GIF
by Atsuhiro (age 8, boy)
Kanagawa, Japan
"painting over"

REF# ab05-1-4/JessicaB2.JPG
by Jessica (age 13, girl)
Kansas, USA
"I play violin. I don`t draw well but this is a picture of it."

REF# ab05-1-3/AnaK1.JPG
by Ana (age 15, girl)
Aleksandrovac, Yugoslavia
"Flowers in the stone"

REF# ab05-1-2/KotoneK1.JPG
by Kotone (age 4, girl)
Niigata, Japan

REF# ab05-1-1/ShirleyannT1.GIF
by Shirley Ann (age 11, girl)
bacoor,cavite, Philippines
"human figure"